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Are you a fan of college football tailgating? Want to break out your grill and all of your gear before the season starts? Instead of your team competing on the field, you can compete amongst your fellow tailgaters to find out who really does throw the best tailgate?

The 2013 National Collegiate Tailgating Championship is happening at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA, on August 10th. Curious as to what you could be competing in? Here  is a list of just some of the competitions.


Tailgating Pet Competitions and Race – winners will be announced at the end of all races. These include Tailgating Pet Race, Looks like your Mascot, Best Dressed.

Relay Races begin- Student and Alumni divisions begin and will run throughout the day and winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Junior Games & Adult games begin – includes bean bag toss, mini golf, and ladder golf. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Clothing competitions – men, women and children. This includes logoed and non-logoed clothing, headwear, footwear/flip flops, sunglasses, buttons, pins and patches. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Jewelry – this includes semi-precious stones, personalized design, costume and men’s jewelry. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Collectibles/Memorabilia – this includes framed artwork, stadium replicas, state-issued license plates, photos of fans. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Transportation – This includes best trailers, RV, retro fit/re-purposed, motorcycles. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Equipment – This includes Best in Tents, Televisions, sound systems, grills, lights, flags, flag poles, coolers, set-ups with RV, set-up with trailers, custom tableware. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

DIY or “I built it myself” – This includes grills, flag poles, trailers, signs, painted tableware, tables or tell us your category. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Family Division – These include groups that have the most generations tailgating, cutest couples over 60, most twins, etc. Winners will be announced at the end of the day.
Location: Red Style tent

FOOD, DRINK and BBQ – This includes breakfast items, salsa, chicken, side dishes, beef, vegetables, pork, seafood and fish, ribs, appetizers, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, mixology, custom soda.

For a complete listing of all the entries, check out the entry form. Don’t worry, you aren’t limited to just one category. Enter where you think your tailgating skills shine.

Here is a link where you can learn more about the event and sign up! Once you enter, you will be put into a drawing for a chance to win a copy of  my cookbook, The Southern Tailgating Cookbook! This should be a great event! If you are ready to get your College Football Tailgating Season off to an early start and see how your tailgate stacks up to others, this is the event for you!

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The Southern Tailgating Cookbook http://taylortailgates.com/the-southern-tailgating-cookbook/ http://taylortailgates.com/the-southern-tailgating-cookbook/#comments Wed, 08 May 2013 13:20:26 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=2292 pre-order your copy from UNC Press! When I started my first tailgate tour back in 2010, I could never have imagined [...]]]>

You may have been wondering what three seasons of tailgating would lead to. Say hello to  The Southern Tailgating Cookbook! The book won’t hit store shelves until August, but you can now pre-order your copy from UNC Press!

When I started my first tailgate tour back in 2010, I could never have imagined that three years later it would turn into this book! I have learned a lot in the book writing process and couldn’t be happier with what this project has turned into! Inside the 240 pages of this book you will find 110 recipes that are designed to wow your tailgating guests, 75 images of food and tailgating (shot by yours truly), and 15 side bars that give an in-depth look into aspects of southern tailgating culture. All together this is A Game-Day Guide for Lovers of Food, Football, and the South. Pre-order your copy today!

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Tailgating at Duke University and the Carolina-Duke Rivalry http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-duke-university-and-the-carolina-duke-rivalry/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-duke-university-and-the-carolina-duke-rivalry/#comments Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:05:37 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=2110

When you think of great tailgating environments  and football powerhouses, Duke University in Durham, NC, is far from that list. The last 20 seasons have been tough on Blue Devil fans. Their last bowl game was at the end of the 1994 season, from 1999-2007 their record was 13-90 including a 22 game losing streak from 2005-2007. Well ignore the past, after a weekend trip to Durham I have seen that things are changing for the Blue Devils.

Tailgating at Duke happens all over campus. There are several pass holder lots around the stadium that have a pretty good crowd. I wasn’t there for as long as I usually am, but every lot I ventured into had great food and fans present. When visiting Duke for the first time, you have to take a stroll around their beautiful campus.

The Gothic style is carried through almost every building on campus. This cohesive look makes it one the prettiest campuses that I have been to.

Like most schools, Duke has a player walk where fans can hi five and cheer on the team as they make their way to the stadium. The Devil Walk happens a little more than 2 hours prior to kickoff along Blue Devil Alley, between Cameron Indoor Stadium and Wallace Wade Stadium.

When you see fans lining up on either side of a cement walkway, you know that you are in the right place. Like most walks, the band leads the way.

Followed by the mascot and then the players.

Once the players have made their way through, fans will begin making their way towards the stadium.

My trip to Durham was not one of my usual tailgating travels. I was actually going to this game. My grandmother is a season ticket holder and was going to be out of town. When she asked if I wanted her tickets, I jumped at the chance. There is no way I could miss them playing UNC.

The DUKE Vs UNC basketball rivalry is known throughout the country as being one of the best and most heated rivalries in all of sports. The schools are only 8 miles apart and year after year each fields a team that will challenge for a national title on the court. With football, things are a little bit different. The Duke vs UNC football rivalry is something that only Duke and UNC fans are passionate about. I am a huge Duke fan. Other than The University of Wisconsin ( Class of 2008), Duke is the only school that I would consider myself a “fan” of.  I use the term “fan” to imply that I have an uncontrolled bias and unexplainable loyalty to this school that their wins and losses effect me in daily life. My love for Duke is something that truly was unavoidable. My mom went there, my Aunt went there, both of my grandparents went there.  My late grandfather, Carl C. James, played football and was on the track team there. After college he was football recruiter at Duke before ultimately serving as Athletic Director. Unfortunately the decision of which side to pick wasn’t so clear. My Dad is a UNC Alum and my parents both met at UNC Law School. With my grandparents influence, I chose the Blue Devil side. Growing up in a house divided is something that is common for many sports fans.

For this game I wasn’t just in a house divided. It was a car divided.

My fiancée is a UNC Alum and a very passionate Tarheel fan. With Duke and UNC being so close to each other, a house divided was a problem that many fans faced.

In this game, the players play for more than just pride. The Victory Bell is on the line with the winner retaining rights to it until the next year’s contest. I mentioned that Duke’s program is on the upswing. In this 2012 meeting both teams entered the game at 5-2 and ESPNU picked up the game as its Saturday night game. If Duke won, it would become bowl eligible for the first time since 1994. Either way, there was going to be one member of my car that wouldn’t be happy on the ride back to Charlotte.

Wallace Wade Stadium was packed for this game. The final score. Duke 33 UNC 30.Here is a video of the last play and Duke storming the field to take back the Victory Bell.

Their record on the field in past years may not reflect it, but there are plenty of passionate fans in Durham. It may be one of the smaller stadiums in the ACC, but funds for stadium expansion are being raised and the play on the field is headed in the right direction. All of this will lead to a game day environment that will only get better.  I had a blast in Durham and can’t wait to visit again.

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Tailgating with Tailgate 32 http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-with-tailgate-32/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-with-tailgate-32/#comments Thu, 04 Oct 2012 12:46:51 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1964 Tailgate 32 Team. These two brothers are on a mission that is considered to be the ultimate achievement of Tailgating fans. I had a chance to meet up with them on a recent [...]]]>

17 weeks, 32 cities, 25,000 miles. This is what life is like for John, Mike, and the rest of the Tailgate 32 Team. These two brothers are on a mission that is considered to be the ultimate achievement of Tailgating fans. I had a chance to meet up with them on a recent visit to my home town of Charlotte, NC.

If you are a runner your ultimate goal may be to compete in ultra marathons. If you are a triathlete, the Ironman is the ultimate endurance test. For football fans, completing the NFL tailgating circuit in one season is the ultimate endurance test. (Adam Goldstein did this tour a few years back and just came out with a book on it which I will share with you in a later post) Other fans have completed the circuit, but what John and Mike are doing is something that I have never seen before. They are documenting the entire journey in a way that showcases the uniqueness of each fan base. If you have enjoyed my posts on college tailgates around the country, you will love the beautiful and intriguing pieces that these two brothers and their team have created.

Tailgate 32 rolled into town for the September 20th game featuring the Carolina Panther and the New York Giants. Here is what the guys found throughout their time in the Queen City.

They guys are about a quarter of the way through their journey. If you are interested in following them check out their twitter and facebook pages

Here are their next few stops.

St. Louis – October 4th, 2012
Kansas City – October 7th, 2012
Tennessee – October 11th, 2012
Arizona – October 14th, 2012
San Diego – October 15th, 2012
If you are in one of these towns go stop by!


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Tailgating at Texas A&M http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-texas-am/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-texas-am/#comments Wed, 03 Oct 2012 00:57:13 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1918

College Station, Texas. Home to the newest member of the SEC West, The Texas A&M Aggies. On game day in College Station thousands of fans decked out in maroon and white will fill Kyle Field to capacity. Here is what I found when I made a visit to Aggieland for their September 29th match up against Arkansas.

When arriving in College Station, make sure you are in town the night before the game. All fans are invited to take part in one of the coolest traditions I have seen. At around 10:30 pm on Friday evening before the game, Kyle Field will open to the public. You don’t have to be an A&M fan or even have a ticket to the game the next day, all you have to do is show up. Over the next hour and a half, one side of the stadium will begin to fill up. Here is what it looked like around 11:30 pm.

At midnight, the bottom two decks of the stadium are now filled and the MIDNIGHT YELL begins!


The Midnight yell is a combination pep rally/practice for the next days game. Lead by the Yell Leaders, fans will spend the next half hour practicing the “pass backs” that signal certain cheers. Yell leaders will tell stories and jokes about the opposing team, and show show hand signals that will be passed back and 25,000 or so fans will break into a choreographed cheer.

Any college football fan owes it to themselves to experience The Midnight Yell. To see the bottom 2 decks of the stadium filled at midnight the night before the game is something unique. The passion and tradition that I saw during the Yell practice, was only a taste of what I would see in a few short hours.


This is what my phone looked like on game day. This is what it looked like outside.


When tailgating, there are two elements that you can’t control; the weather and the kickoff time. Unfortunately, my trip to College Station was not the ideal situation for either. An 11:20 am kickoff time and a monsoon are not the ideal environments for tailgating. It would be easy to throw in the towel and say that you weren’t going to show up and support your team. Texas A&M didn’t throw in the towel. Despite the weather and early kickoff, they were there by the thousands to support their Aggies.


Tailgating in Aggieland happens all over campus in various parking lots. With the early kickoff, I spent most of my time in the lots closest to the stadium. If you are looking to just park and walk around there are several decks on campus where you can park. I parked in the West Campus Deck located between the basketball arena and Kyle Field. Despite the weather, there were still plenty of fans who brought out their big cookers for the tailgate.

When playing the Arkansas Razorbacks, “eating your competition” is an easy thing to do.

Just serve a menu that revolves around pork.

Every Texas A&M fan will be decked out in maroon and white on game day.

For this game day, a poncho was the most common article of clothing. All Texas A&M alumni are easy to spot. On their hands, they wear their Aggie Ring.

Outside The Association of Former Students there is a statue version of this cherished item.

If you are interested in learning more about the ring and other important aspects of A&M history, take a trip inside the Association. Upstairs there are exhibits and displays that will answer all of your questions.

Outside the Association of Former Students you will also find Bus 12.

I have met many tailgating groups throughout my travels, and the Lane Family of Bus 12 are right up there with the nicest and most helpful fans that I have ever come across. Their amazing tailgating bus is known as Bus 12. Many fans take years to turn an old school bus into a something like what you see here, but the Lanes did it all over the course of one summer. You can see more about their bus and tailgating group on their website. Thank you again to Roger, Brent, Katy, Keith, Ellen, and Jesus for answering all of my questions and for showing me around.

From Gig’em to the 12th man, to Reveille the Collie, A&M game days are filled with tradition and significance. There are hundreds of traditions that Aggie fans recognize to honor their rich history of military service, education, and football. Game day is a chance for all Aggies to get together to celebrate all of these things. The most noticeable tradition on campus are the Corps of Cadets. The purpose of the Corps is

The Corps of Cadets develops well-educated leaders of character who are academically successful, embody the values of Honor, Integrity, Discipline and Selfless Service, and are fully prepared for the global challenges of leading in the 21st Century.

Made up of over 2.200 students, it is the oldest student organization on campus. Many of the members move onto serve in all branches of the military after graduation. Yell Leaders and members of the marching band are all part of the Corps of Cadets. On game day, players will cheer as the Aggie football team walks into the stadium, but they aren’t the only ones. About an hour and a half before kickoff, the Band and Corps of cadets will assemble in the Quad. A canon will fire about 90 minutes prior to kickoff and the Corps of Cadets will “Step off the Quad” and make their way into the stadium. Fans by the thousands will line their walk and cheer them on as the pass by. Here is a collection of images depicting the scene as the Corps make their way to Kyle Field.





For many, seeing the Corps march is a hi-light of game day, and something that they aspire to be in the future.

Thank you again to everyone I met in College Station. I look forward to returning to Texas A&M in the future!

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Tailgating at Georgia Tech http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-georgia-tech/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-georgia-tech/#comments Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:41:26 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1850



The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is one of the premier research and engineering schools in the country. Located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, this school produces some of the countries finest engineers. With 4 national championships, it has a storied football history and a passionate fan base. Here is what you will find when visiting Georgia Tech on game day.

Unlike many college towns, Georgia Tech’s campus and stadium are located in the heat of Atlanta. Right off I-85, the campus is incredibly easy to get to. If you are visiting, there are several parking options. There are multiple guest parking lots and decks throughout campus. If visiting, I suggest consulting GA Tech’s game day page to find the best solution for you. I parked in the AT&T deck across the interstate and walked over the bridge to campus. If you are planning on tailgating, I suggest parking in one of the guest lots on campus.

Tailgating occurs all over campus. Fans will park in pass lots and bring their tents onto the many grassy areas around campus. I was impressed with GT’s ability to keep a college campus feel despite its location in the massive city of Atlanta.

Like any southern school, game day attire will range from dresses and ties to jerseys and T-shirts. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, as long as it is gold or navy. There was a wide variety of great food to be found on campus. My favorite spread belongs to Cate and her husband Doug. Cate sent me an email a few months ago inviting me to check out her tailgate. I am sure glad I did!

Doug and Cate are experienced tailgaters who spend their game days split between Auburn and GT. Here are a few shots from her menu above.

For recipes and her take on game day check out Cate’s blog Tailgating Guru

For this game, GT was playing against the Miami Hurricanes. To “eat” the competition, Cate and her tailgate decided to drink hurricanes.

They were not alone.

Hurricane cocktails were a popular choice for many GT fans on game day.

Earlier, I spoke about GT’s prominence as an engineering school. This was clearly evident with the tailgating vehicles I saw.

This tailgating trailer was complete with 7 taps!

There were a wide variety of custom decked out RVS and buses.

Only at a school of engineers will you find a fully functioning fire truck turned tailgating vehicle.

There are many great tailgating vehicles on GT’s campus on game day, but everyone’s favorite is THE RAMBLIN’ WRECK!

This gold and white 1930 Ford Model A Sport coupe is the mascot of Georgia Tech.


About 2 and a half hours before kickoff, fans will gather on jacket alley to wait for the player’s to walk to the stadium. With player walks, the mascot leads the way. At Georgia Tech, the Ramblin’ Wreck leads the band and players to the stadium. If you are going to the game, make sure you arrive before kickoff so you can see the Ramblin’ Wreck lead the players onto the field. Here is what it looks like when the Wreck and the players make their way down Jacket Alley.

Have a blast tailgating at Georgia Tech. I look forward to my next visit.

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What is Hotty Toddy? http://taylortailgates.com/what-is-hotty-toddy/ http://taylortailgates.com/what-is-hotty-toddy/#comments Wed, 19 Sep 2012 17:06:18 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1822 game day in the Grove, you may be unfamiliar with what the phrase “Hotty Toddy” is. Let me explain. From signs to cups and even the sides of  restrooms, the phrase “Hotty Toddy” is [...]]]>

If you have never had the pleasure of experiencing a game day in the Grove, you may be unfamiliar with what the phrase “Hotty Toddy” is. Let me explain.

From signs to cups and even the sides of  restrooms, the phrase “Hotty Toddy” is seen everywhere in the Grove on game day. Fans will say it to one another as a greeting, or as a reference to a group of attractive Ole Miss tailgaters. When I was in Oxford for the Texas game, I overheard several different conversations among Texas fans about “Hotty Toddy”. To be clear Hotty Toddy is not the same as a Hot Toddy.  Every fan base has a word or phrase that means something to them. It is a part of their game day language. If you aren’t fluent in Ole Miss then here is what you need to know about Hotty Toddy.

Hotty Toddy is a part of a cheer that Ole Miss fans do. It begins with someone yelling

“Are you READY?”

the crowd then responds with


Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who the hell are we, Hey!
Flim Flam, Bim Bam

Here is the cheer in action.



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Tailgating in The Grove for Texas vs Ole Miss http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-in-the-grove-for-texas-vs-ole-miss/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-in-the-grove-for-texas-vs-ole-miss/#comments Mon, 17 Sep 2012 20:10:03 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1740



Every year, experts will rank the best tailgating spots in the country. Every year Ole Miss and its legendary 10 acre tailgating spot, known as The Grove, are at the top of these lists. If you have spent a game day in The Grove, you will understand why. There is truly no place like it in the country. I had my first taste of an Ole Miss game day back in 2010. It was a 1 o’clock kickoff against Jacksonville State. For most Ole Miss fans this was your average game day in The Grove. Ever since that trip, I have been eager to return to experience The Grove for a night game against a big time opponent. This past weekend, I was there for an 8:15pm kickoff with the University of Texas.

Before you continue this post, take a look back at my first trip.  I thought that with one trip under my belt, I would be prepared for a game with The Grove at its best. Looking back, I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I saw.  I can now say that I have seen the Grove at its best. When The Grove is at its best, I don’t think there is any better place to spend a game day.

This is not your traditional tailgating environment. Pre game activity occurs on campus in a 10 acre green space known as The Grove and across the street in a circle area in front of The Lyceum. There are no assigned spots and no tailgating from cars. Game day is spent under a tent in The Grove and the surrounding green space.


This is what the Grove looks like at 7 pm on Friday before kickoff. Hundreds of students have been camped out all day saving their spots. They are eagerly awaiting for The Grove to open.

At 9pm The Grove officially opens and the land grab begins.

You aren’t allowed to have any tailgating equipment on campus before 9pm. To ensure their spot, fans will leave their cars and run with their tents. In 20 minutes, the Grove will be covered in tents. Fans then return home to finish their preparations for the next day. If you can’t make it to The Grove the night before to set up your tent, there are many companies that you can pay to do this for you.


Here is what The Grove looks like on game day morning.

Throughout the morning, I saw tailgaters arrive with flower arrangements, decorations, food spreads, and even glass chandeliers.

Wherever possible, fans tried to show their team spirit with team themed decorations.

For this game, leaving a message to the competition was a common decorating theme.

The food you will find at Ole Miss isn’t your traditional tailgating fare. Inside The Grove, you aren’t allowed to have an open flame (no propane). You will see some tailgaters on the outer edges grilling with charcoal, but the close proximity of the tents leads guests to set up beautiful displays of heavy appetizers and prepared food from home. Here were two of my favorite displays.



This group of Texas fans made to show that they could rival any tailgating spread in the Grove.

Attire in The Grove is formal in nature.



There were plenty of girls wearing Ole Miss inspired dresses

and guys and dogs with bow ties.

Mixed within the sea of blue and red was a healthy dose of cowboy hats and Texas Burnt Orange.

To give you an idea of what game day is like when The Grove is at its best take a look at this before picture.

Here is the same location a few hours later.

Words can’t describe what it was like walking around, so hopefully this pictures will give you an idea.

Two hours before kickoff, the players made their way down the Walk of Champions towards the stadium.

After the walk, The Grove was in full swing. Thousands of Texas and Ole Miss fans were enjoying their pregame festivities. As fans made their way to the stadium it was my time to leave.

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Tailgating at Wake Forest http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-wake-forest/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-wake-forest/#comments Mon, 10 Sep 2012 15:31:14 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1692

Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. With an enrollment of around 6,000 it is the third smallest school in the FBS. Remember, the size of the school doesn’t effect the amount of spirit you will find on game day. Here is what I found on game day outside BB&T field.

Tailgating for a Wake Forest Football game takes place in the parking lots surrounding BB&T field. Wake’s basketball, baseball, football, and tennis facilities are all grouped together in an area about a mile and a half from the main area of campus. There is plenty of parking  in the public lots and in pass lots. I was there for the September 8t, 2012,  game against UNC. Like most games in September, the temperatures were hot! The high was in the 90s, making tailgating spots on concrete medians and grass embankments the prime locations.

With the open spaces of asphalt lots, there was plenty of cornhole to be found. Whenever possible, fans tried to incorporate the school’s black and gold colors into their tailgates. Every fan was wearing their teams colors. Both UNC and Wake Forest are in the ACC and about an hour and a half apart. This lead to plenty of divided tailgates.

Wake fans continued the black and gold theme into their game day transportation.

Black and gold cars could be found all over the lots. My favorite game day rides had to be these customized buses.

I have seen many tricked out tailgating buses, but never a pick up version of a bus. Some fans passed on the bus and brought their versions of ultimate tailgating trailers. This one had it all.

Complete with a giant cooler, grill, two Tvs, and two beer taps, this tailgate had all it needed for one giant pregame party. In another lot, I found a trailer that was equally impressive.

You don’t need a large to trailer to have a great tailgate. This couple had a lovely tailgate for two.

Regardless of the size of the tailgate, there was great food to be found under every tailgating tent. Here is a small sampling of what I saw before kickoff.

Plenty of chicken wings.

Stuffed hot peppers and more hot wings.

Fried Pickle Spears.

Delicious smoked ribs.

With Winston-Salem being the home to Krispy Kreme, it was no surprise to see these doughnuts under tailgating tents.

The hot temperatures left many fans looking for ways to cool down. Slices of cold water melon were popular.

Your mini wine bottle, beer, or bloody mary weren’t complete unless wrapped  in a Wake Forest koozie.

At this tailgate, I did something that I haven’t done in the past.

I tailgated with some of my friends from Charlotte who are Wake Alumni and brought a dish to share. These Pesto BLT sliders were a hit and I will be sharing the recipe with you later in the week.

I have mentioned the hot temperatures several times for a reason. Hot game day temperatures can bring with them afternoon storms that will impact your tailgate. This is exactly what happened. About 45 minutes prior to kickoff, the stadium closed and officials asked everyone to see shelter. There was a storm coming. As we packed up our tailgate we could see the clouds darken and felt the temperature drop. Cameras and rain do not mix, so I don’t have any images to show you before the storm hit. Here is what it looked like from the safety of a car.

Despite the rain, I had a great time tailgating with the fans at Wake. I look forward to my next trip to Winston-Salem, and another afternoon spent outside BB&T field.



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Tailgating at Davidson College http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-davidson-college/ http://taylortailgates.com/tailgating-at-davidson-college/#comments Wed, 05 Sep 2012 21:05:31 +0000 Taylor http://taylortailgates.com/?p=1655

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. With that the college football season has begun. For the next 3 and a half months, weekends on college campuses will not be the same.


It doesn’t matter the size of the school. On game day, you will have fans who tailgate. For the first game of this 2012 season, I decided to visit another FCS school.


Davidson is a small college of around 2,000 students located about 25 miles north of Charlotte, NC. It has the quintessential college town feel. There is a main street with shops and restaurants, and the campus is surrounded by white wooden houses. 

The majority of the tailgating festivities occur on a stretch of road right next to the stadium. This tailgating area  is open 3 hours before kickoff and is the most crowded location on campus.


Throughout the day, I saw plenty of great tasting meals. From burgers. hot dogs and ribs.


Beef tips with gravy.

A beautiful spread of fried chicken and vegetable appetizer.

Like any school, game day colors are shown whenever possible.


When tailgating on a smaller campus, you have access to the filed and stadium that can’t be achieved on a larger campus. A few dozen feet away from the tailgating tents you will see fans line up around a metal fence.

What are they doing? They are doing something that you can only do from your tailgate on a smaller campus.

They are watching the players warm up! Before kickoff, fans will will leave their tailgates and watch the teams warm up. It doesn’t matter what college campus you are tailgating on. If it is game day, there will be tailgating. Have a great season everyone!


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