Does your tailgate end with throwing toilet paper into trees? Have you seen a Tiger walk? Do you scream War Eagle? Were you the 2010 NCAA Champion? If you are an Auburn fan I am sure you have floods of great memories right now. One of the two football powers in Alabama and a part of the powerhouse SEC conference it may seem needless to pint out, but game days are a BIG deal in Auburn. Here is what to expect when tailgating at Auburn.


When planning your tailgate, the most important thing to do before you arrive is have your menu prepared! You need to know what you will be cooking on gameday and have all of the appropriate prep work done before you arrive. Here is some inspiration for your gameday menu based upon what I saw while tailgating at Auburn.

Game day at Auburn is definitely an event centered around the grill. Grills of all shapes and sizes are found in tailgating lots. Most tailgates had one centralized grill master with dozens of guests who would arrive and bring sides to their host’s parties. Here is a small selection of the food you will see on Auburn game day.

Juicy chicken breasts, hot chicken wings and fall off the bone pork ribs are all common sites on the grill.

Deep fried Turkey anyone ?

How about a shrimp boil? Whatever you decide to eat, there is no shortage of great food to be found while tailgating at Auburn.



In addition to planning your meal, you also have to arrive appropriately dressed to your tailgate. On game day, all Auburn fans wear navy and orange. Like most schools, there are many different options that tailgaters wear these colors in.

This is the south, so you will see dresses, heels, scarfs and shirts with collars. You will also see a wide variety of home and away jerseys!

As long as you wear navy or orange, you are prepared for Auburn game day!


Like most schools, tailgating at Auburn takes place all over campus. There are a wide variety of of places that fans will tailgate. They might be all over the place, but like Tiger in the jungle, all Auburn fans mark their tailgating location and stake their claim.

On Friday afternoons before game days you will see fans standing in grass areas. I found this a bit odd, and then at 4pm things quickly changed. a frenzy of wooden poles were staked into the ground and like prospectors in the old west, these tiger fans marked out their tailgating space. Using a variety of neon colored tape to secure their claim, it was evident that Auburn fans started their game day on Friday. Fans will respect another fan’s claim and it is an unwritten rule that if it isn’t your taped area, you don’t mess with another fans tape. Here is what the taped areas looked like the next morning.

In addition to tailgating on grass areas all over campus, Auburn tailgaters also tailgate in rented tents right out side the stadium. In my opinion, the coolest place to tailgate at Auburn is the amphitheater area behind the baseball stadium.

Here underneath the shade of tall pines, you will find hundreds of great tiger tailgates. If you are part of the the RV tailgating crowd, there is plenty of tailgating room for you in the RV lots.



The game day atmosphere at Auburn is electric. There is plenty to do and see by walking around and  watching other tailgaters. You could easily spend an entire afternoon doing this, but you have to make sure that 2 and a half hours before kick off you are in line for the Tiger Walk. I have seen a lot of “player walks”  into the stadium, but the Tiger Walk is right up there with the best. Players walk single file to the stadium and stop to give hi fives to all the players around them! Explaining it is one thing, but to fully appreciate the Tiger Walk, you have to be there. Here is what the walk looks like.

Fans either line up outside the metal rails or on wither side of the double yellow lines. The cheer leaders lead the way followed by the players and coaches. There is no shortage of war eagle chants, hi fives and even hugs!

  As you can see, a lot of Tiger fans come out for the Tiger Walk.

During the game, thousands fill the stadium, and plenty watch at their tents. They are all waiting for Auburn to win so that they can break out the toilet paper!

What do Auburn fans do with toilet paper? Well after the game they roll the trees of Toomer’s Corner!  Tragically, these trees were poisoned and are now dying, I am sure this tradition will continue to live on in some way, but here is what the tradition looked like during Auburn’s 2010 championship season after beating Georgia.

Here is what happens to the toilet paper next.

As you can see game day in Auburn is unique. Just remember to wear your orange and blue and bring your toilet paper.


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3 Responses to Tailgating at Auburn

  1. Susan says:

    Hi, Taylor! War Eagle!!! I just found your website and what a great idea. Auburn is great college town and I wish I could get down there more often than I do during football season. I was at the AU/UGA game last year and I have to say the atmosphere was electric. I’m so glad you go to see our quaint town and please come back any time! Oh, and have a great time in Clemson this week…. it’s much like Auburn… and they’re playing Auburn! War Eagle!!!

  2. Kirb says:

    You overhype Auburn a little too much here. The atmosphere sucks, the food sucks, and the tailgating sucks.

    In addition, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN AUBURN. I like most Auburn fans. There a lot more tolerable than Alabama and Florida fans, but when it comes to gameday, it’s boring. I hate the town and I don’t see how a college student can enjoy it there.

    Gamewise, it’s pretty cool. It makes up for what the tailgating and town lacks. Despite the stadium only holding about 90k, Auburn’s stadium is one of the loudest stadiums I’ve been in and the eagle flying around the stadium gives you chills.

    And sorry, but I think throwing toilet paper in a tree is very juvenile and dumb.

    IMO, these are the best tailgating/college towns in the SEC:

    1) Baton Rouge, LSU
    2) Athens, Georgia
    3) Tuscalloosa, Alabama
    4) Gainesville, Florida
    5) Knoxville, Tennessee
    6) Oxford, Ole Miss
    7) Auburn
    8) Arkansas
    9) Kentucky
    10) Miss State
    11) South Carolina
    12) Vandy

  3. [...] fans on several occasions. I saw them last season at the Florida game in Jacksonville, and at Auburn. I started out the season seeing them in nearby Atlanta when they played Boise St in the Chickfila [...]

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