With the second largest stadium in the United States, tailgating at Penn State has a lot to live up to. Game days in this tiny rural Pennsylvania will meet and exceed all of your expectations. Here is what to expect on game day at Penn State.

When planning your tailgate, the most important thing to do before you arrive is have your menu prepared! You need to know what you will be cooking on gameday and have all of the appropriate prep work done before you arrive. Here is some inspiration for your gameday menu based upon what I saw while tailgating at Penn State.

Tailgating at Penn State is an all day affair. To start off right, you must have a filling breakfast!

Whats better than starting off your game day with…


multi colored hash browns…

bacon, sausage, and…

fresh baked blueberry muffins!

For later day meals there are always burgers and hot dogs

These are delicious, but how about some…

buffalo wings…


clams and….

chicken hearts!

With tailgating lasting all day, there is no shortage of food to be found at Penn State!

When asked what to wear to a Penn State game, the answer is almost black and white. Well almost, it is Navy and white. All across campus and around beaver stadium, thousands of fans dawn their navy and white to support their Nittany Lions. There are two ways to go. The Jersey….

Or the T -shirt…

As you can see by these fans….

you can’t go wrong either way! Keep in mind that this is a northern school, so no high heels, bow ties, or sundresses here.

Beaver Stadium is the second largest stadium in the country. A stadium that seats over 107,000 fans will bring with it a mass of tailgaters. Crowds of this size could pose a problem for the unprepared. Luckily Penn State has no problems when it comes to these massive amounts of fans who flock to State College in Saturdays in the fall. Its rural location allows for the University to have plenty of land. On game days, this land becomes one of the largest tailgating scenes there is!

Consider this your golden ticket to the Penn State tailgating scene. While there are lots of different colors that are for pass holders only, the yellow lots are first come, first serve, and filled with thousands of fans on game day. Just a warning, these lots area little different. If you can, purchase your pass the day before. When I was there in 2010 it was $10 on Friday and the price rises to $40 on Saturday.

PSU tailgaters don’t park on asphalt.

They “go green” and park on the grass. Every acre surrounding the football stadium is used for parking on game days. The fields above are actually used by the University for 3/4 of the year as pastures for their live stock. On game days, they become tailgating lots! The tailgating scene at Penn State is one with plenty of room, but it won’t be on paved asphalt.
Even the grass right in front of the stadium is used by tailgaters. Above is what it looks like on Fridays.

Here is what that grass looks like the next day. The intramural fields might be used by students for soccer and ultimate during the week, but on game days, these fields are filled with different forms of entertainment.

Here are some more scenes form the student intramural fields.

This is only a small sampling of what these student lots contain. I could hear roar of the tailgating activity before I could even see the fields. There have been few times, when I have been left speechless, but standing in these lots surrounded by thousands of Nittany Lion fans was one of them.

State College’s small size, Beaver Stadiums large capacity, and Penn States rabid fan base create a huge hotel shortage on game day weekends. Due to this, the RV scene at Penn State is incredibly popular.

Located on several large fields behind the stadium, you will find hundreds of RVs that make PSU tailgating a weekend long event! When visiting a game at Happy Valley, there is no shortage of places to park or tailgate at!

The first and most noticeable thing to see at Penn State is the stadium itself.

When you are at PSU, you owe it to yourself to just walk around and admire this massive structure! About 2 and a half hours prior to kickoff, the band walks marches through the tailgating lots.

and of course, a trip to PSU isn’t complete without a picture with Joe!

If you are looking to tailgate in wide open spaces with well over 100,000 new friends then game day at PSU is just the place for you! Before your trip to Happy Valley, make sure you check up on PSU’s latest parking and tailgating policies. You can find a link to them in the tailgating resources section.



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