The Florida vs Georgia Game in Jacksonville, FL, is known as the World’s Largest Cocktail party. After visiting, I can see why. Here is what to expect when visiting this annual match up between SEC rivals.

When planning your tailgate, the most important thing to do before you arrive is have your menu prepared! You need to know what you will be cooking on gameday and have all of the appropriate prep work done before you arrive. Here is some inspiration for your gameday menu based upon what I saw while tailgating in Jacksonville.

Like all big games, tailgaters bring out the big game food! The cocktail party is one of the biggest games on each teams schedule every season. Think of it as a mid season bowl game. From early morning breakfasts of

Bloody mary’s and waffles…

bacon and pancake sandwiches…

Throughout the day, the food progressed into more lunchtime meals like…

boiled peanuts…

grilled oysters…

BBQ chicken wings…

frogmore stew…

bacon wrapped venison, and of course…

plenty of burgers and hot dogs..

As you can see, there was no shortage of delicious food at this cocktail party!

Like the  Texas and Oklahoma game, picking your colors is very important. You have two choices.

Either Florida’s Blue and Orange or Georgia’s Red and Black. Here is some of the game day attire you will find…

Remember to choose your attire carefully!

Similar to the Texas/Oklahoma game, this match up takes place on a neutral field, Jacksonville, on the same weekend every fall. Both schools have great tailgating on their own, but when the game is moved to a neutral venue, no one team has an advantage. The game is played on Everbank Field, home of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Playing at a NFL stadium means plenty of large open tailgating lots! Everywhere available spot around the stadium is taken up by tailgaters. Finding a place to park shouldn’t be a problem, but if you don’t arrive early, you may have to walk a little further than you want to the game. Here is what some of the tailgating sites look like.

Whether it be grass lots, asphalt lots, or anywhere in between. UGA and Florida fans will stake their claim.

Even the area under an overpass are taken over!

If you have an RV, there are lots dedicated to just that!

The RV city is filled with fans and RVs that get there as early as a week before the game! Wherever you tailgate make sure that you stake your claim.

and let people know with which school you align with!

With two insanely passionate, intense, and incredible fan bases in one location, there is no shortage of things to see! When at the world’s largest cocktail party, take some time to walk around and see what other tailgaters are using in their set up. Keep you eyes open, because you never know when you will see some creative modes of transportation like….

these creative golf carts! With tailgating spreading several square miles around the stadium, having a golf cart is a great way to show your school spirit and to get around! If you need to take your beer with you, then how about riding around on one of these!



Or a friend as well!

If you have ever experienced game day in Jacksonville when Florida and Georgia come to town, you won’t definitely understand why this is called the worlds largest cocktail party! If you have never been, I highly suggest you make the trip. It will not disappoint.

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  1. Lauren Youngblood says:

    We met you at the UGA/Boise game. Your website is great and so tastefully done! Thank you for highlighting a much loved tradition! Hope to see you again at FSU/Miami or GA/FL!

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  3. [...] my tailgating travels, I have seen Georgia fans on several occasions. I saw them last season at the Florida game in Jacksonville, and at Auburn. I started out the season seeing them in nearby Atlanta when they played Boise St in [...]

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