Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. With an enrollment of around 6,000 it is the third smallest school in the FBS. Remember, the size of the school doesn’t effect the amount of spirit you will find on game day. Here is what I found on game day outside BB&T field.

Tailgating for a Wake Forest Football game takes place in the parking lots surrounding BB&T field. Wake’s basketball, baseball, football, and tennis facilities are all grouped together in an area about a mile and a half from the main area of campus. There is plenty of parking  in the public lots and in pass lots. I was there for the September 8t, 2012,  game against UNC. Like most games in September, the temperatures were hot! The high was in the 90s, making tailgating spots on concrete medians and grass embankments the prime locations.

With the open spaces of asphalt lots, there was plenty of cornhole to be found. Whenever possible, fans tried to incorporate the school’s black and gold colors into their tailgates. Every fan was wearing their teams colors. Both UNC and Wake Forest are in the ACC and about an hour and a half apart. This lead to plenty of divided tailgates.

Wake fans continued the black and gold theme into their game day transportation.

Black and gold cars could be found all over the lots. My favorite game day rides had to be these customized buses.

I have seen many tricked out tailgating buses, but never a pick up version of a bus. Some fans passed on the bus and brought their versions of ultimate tailgating trailers. This one had it all.

Complete with a giant cooler, grill, two Tvs, and two beer taps, this tailgate had all it needed for one giant pregame party. In another lot, I found a trailer that was equally impressive.

You don’t need a large to trailer to have a great tailgate. This couple had a lovely tailgate for two.

Regardless of the size of the tailgate, there was great food to be found under every tailgating tent. Here is a small sampling of what I saw before kickoff.

Plenty of chicken wings.

Stuffed hot peppers and more hot wings.

Fried Pickle Spears.

Delicious smoked ribs.

With Winston-Salem being the home to Krispy Kreme, it was no surprise to see these doughnuts under tailgating tents.

The hot temperatures left many fans looking for ways to cool down. Slices of cold water melon were popular.

Your mini wine bottle, beer, or bloody mary weren’t complete unless wrapped  in a Wake Forest koozie.

At this tailgate, I did something that I haven’t done in the past.

I tailgated with some of my friends from Charlotte who are Wake Alumni and brought a dish to share. These Pesto BLT sliders were a hit and I will be sharing the recipe with you later in the week.

I have mentioned the hot temperatures several times for a reason. Hot game day temperatures can bring with them afternoon storms that will impact your tailgate. This is exactly what happened. About 45 minutes prior to kickoff, the stadium closed and officials asked everyone to see shelter. There was a storm coming. As we packed up our tailgate we could see the clouds darken and felt the temperature drop. Cameras and rain do not mix, so I don’t have any images to show you before the storm hit. Here is what it looked like from the safety of a car.

Despite the rain, I had a great time tailgating with the fans at Wake. I look forward to my next trip to Winston-Salem, and another afternoon spent outside BB&T field.



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3 Responses to Tailgating at Wake Forest

  1. Sara says:

    Still jealous I couldn’t go! Looks like the tailgate was fun even if the outcome of the game wasn’t as good!

  2. Ellen says:

    Looks like a fun Saturday and great tailgating! I love the rain picture at the end!

  3. Curtis says:

    Also a great time at a Wake tailgate: Wake Forest typically has at least one home game fall during the Dixie Classic Fair. Last year, a couple of friends and I went fairgating for the FSU game and had a blast.

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